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We provide project management and ad-hoc consulting on both marina and off-marina projects to ensure:

  • project complies to industry standards
  • materials such as paint are appropriate for the use
  • fixtures are safe and secure
  • quality assurance processes are in place

We have years of experience, and have had no issues from marina, boat or property damage as a result of any work we have done.

Condition Assessments

A failure in your marina or property can lead to reduced service and/or access for your clients and their property which can in turn damage your reputation and business. There is repair and refurbishment work that you should do on a regular basis. A routine walk-around should be done annually to address problems before they worsen and start causing damage to your clients assets and your reputation. However, if this has not been done regularly, an assessment will find problem areas, particularly if your marina has not had maintenance in the last five years or so. We can carry out an assessment of your asset to check and see what work is required. We look for:

  • health and safety issues
  • marina moorings to ensure they are safe and secure
  • bolt degradation that can lead to components failing or coming adrift

We can give you a written report on the condition of your asset. A staff member can accompany us when we do the assessment so they can see for themselves anything that is not apparent.

When was the last time you had a condition assessment?

If you haven't done one recently, get in touch.

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